About Us

From start to launch, we provide you with all-around services that helps you achieve your business goals. Whether it is branding, app development, web development, marketing, or business development.

We’re a team of achievers, creative thinkers, and synergetic. With these skills, we can create new solutions and ideas that exceeds your expectations.


The founders, Abdullah and Saad, converted their freelance business to a branding company “Kalimat”


Kalimat expanded their line of business to create and design websites.


As the sky’s our limit for success, we see designing and creating applications, and manage social media platforms is an absolute necessity.


Kalimat became Line Company with long successful legacy in shifting the company to a whole new level.


With the non-stop success, Line Company reached a portfolio of 50 websites, 30 applications and 350 branding


We are now helping more than 500 companies and government sectors to develop more and more.

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